This PM, MLAs are considering two motions:

First is @GiuliaJonesMLA's motion on implementing health system review recommendations ⚕️🏥 Then it's @SuzanneOrrMLA's motion on supporting Canberra's 🇮🇳🇦🇺 community during India's COVID-19 emergency ▶️ Watch:


The last question time for this sitting week being at 2pm. Watch it anywhere live or later using our Assembly on Demand service 📺 ▶ Watch:

There are 8⃣ inquiries open for submission right now, with 3 new inquiries and another 3 closing this week!

Our committees are keen to hear what you have to say about any of these issues💬 🔗 Find out more: ✍️ Submission guide:

On the agenda at #yourAssembly today: we're announcing a new inquiry 🔍, introducing a new bill 🔖, debating changes to domestic animal laws 🐕, & considering two private members motions 💬

🔗 Program: ▶ Watch:

#yourAssembly considers two motions this PM:

First up, a motion from @PetterssonMLA on supporting trans & gender diverse students🏳️‍⚧️ Then, a motion from Leanne Castley MLA on parking at Yerrabi Pond 🚗 ▶️ Watch:

🔴 Live from 2pm

Question time allows non-executive MLAs to ask ministers questions without notice about the government's work and decisions. You can catch this important part of parliamentary accountability on our livestream 📺 ▶ Watch live or late:

A new bill, debate on revenue law changes, a response to the Giralang shops petition, & motions on Yerrabi Pond and supporting trans & gender diverse students - it's all happening today at #yourAssembly

🔗 Daily program: ▶ Watch:

Private members business is about to get underway, when non-ministerial members @EKikkertMLA and Andrew Braddock MLA have the floor 💬

▶️ Watch: #YourAssembly

It's our 32nd birthday! 🎂

On this day in 1989, the Assembly sat for the first time after being granted self-govt. To celebrate, we've dug out a few never-before-seen photos from the big day! ▶️ Watch @JoyBurchMLA's statement on the anniversary:

The bells are ringing to open another sitting week at #YourAssembly!🔔

🔗To find out what’s on, check the daily program here: ▶️ You can watch proceedings live with our streaming service:

⏰ Submissions extended!

What are your views on the management of school infrastructure in the ACT? An Assembly inquiry is underway and the committee would love to hear from you. Submissions now open until 15 May. About the inquiry #YourAssembly

🔶Submissions extended!

What are your thoughts on renewable energy, and the opportunities or challenges that innovation could bring to the ACT? The committee would love to hear from you. Submissions now close 14 May. About the inquiry #YourAssembly


Interested in the progress of the Giralang shops development but haven't had time to share your views with us? You still can! 🏗️💬 The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday 14 May 🔗 Find out more: #YourAssembly

🔴 LIVE from 1pm

Keen to watch today’s question time? Want to catch up on something from earlier in the week? Visit Assembly on Demand for a live webcast of proceedings and on-demand archive of all sittings since Nov 2009! ▶️ Watch: #yourAssembly

This morning, the Assembly will consider motions on Yerrabi Pond recreation area ♒️ and establishing an ACT small business ministerial advisory council 📊 raised by @PetterssonMLA & Leanne Castley MLA

▶️Watch: #yourAssembly

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Tuesday 18 May