Petitioning is one of the traditional methods by which members of the public can make formal requests direct to Parliament. A petition is a formal document containing a list of signatures from ACT citizens/residents to Members of the Legislative Assembly seeking the redress of a grievance. Any citizen or group of citizens of the ACT can submit a petition asking for an action to be taken by the Assembly. A petition must address an issue that is related to the jurisdiction of the ACT Assembly and not that of another State or Territory parliament or the Federal Parliament.

e-Petitions and paper petitions

Visit our petitions portal where you can start your own petition, search other existing petitions, and find out plenty of helpful information for presenting a petition to the Legislative Assembly.

How to lodge a paper petition

There are many rules set out in the standing orders of the Legislative Assembly on the format and content of petitions. Every petition must be the original sheet signed by citizens of the ACT who support the petition.