Symbols and emblems: ACT flag

Designing a new ACT flag

Resources you'll need for this lesson:

ACT flag video; Flags of Australia (worksheet 1); access to the internet; cardboard/paper/coloured paper; textas/coloured pencils/paint.

Lesson orientation

Class discussion on symbols and emblems:

Lesson body

Students will investigate the ACT flag and design a new one that they think uniquely represents the ACT.

Watch the short film animation on the ACT flag, it’s history and design.

As a class, discuss the colours and symbols (southern cross and modified coat of arms) of the ACT flag. Are these a good representation of the ACT, why or why not?

Students will conduct an internet search for flags in Australia to complete worksheet 1. They will record the symbols and colours used for each flag to identify common features.

Design a new flag that would be a unique representation of the ACT.

Students will design a new flag for the ACT, ask students to think about what for them:

Use these identified colours and symbols to create a picture of what their new flag for the ACT would look like.


Explore the guidelines for the ACT flag to identify when, where and how it should be displayed, particularly on significant days such as Australia Day, Anzac Day and Canberra day.

Lesson reflection

Students can individually present their flag design to the class and outline their design choices and describe how their design symbolises the ACT.