Sixth Assembly

Members of the Sixth Assembly (2004-2008)


16 October 2004



Australian Labor Party - 9 members; Liberal Party - 7 members; ACT Greens - 1 member

Members of the Sixth Assembly PDF  (256.5kb) Word  (235kb)
Historical document published in November 2004 which includes biographical information provided by members at the commencement of the Sixth Assembly.

Member Office HoldersElectoratePartyPhotograph
Barr, Andrew   Molonglo Australian Labor Party
Elected on countback on 5 April 2006
Andrew Barr
Berry, Wayne Speaker Ginninderra Australian Labor Party Wayne Berry
Burke, Jacqui   Molonglo Australian Labor Party Jacqui Burke
Corbell, Simon   Molonglo Australian Labor Party Simon Corbell
Dunne, Vicki   Ginninderra Liberal Party Vicki Dunne
Foskey, Deb   Molonglo ACT Greens Deb Foskey
Gallagher, Katy   Molonglo Australian Labor Party Katy Gallagher
Gentleman, Mick   Brindabella Australian Labor Party Mick Gentleman
Hargreaves, John   Brindabella Australian Labor Party John Hargreaves
MacDonald, Karin   Brindabella Australian Labor Party Karin MacDonald
Mulcahy, Richard   Molonglo Liberal Party Richard Mulcahy
Porter, Mary   Ginninderra Australian Labor Party Mary Porter
Pratt, Steve Deputy Speaker Brindabella Liberal Party Steve Pratt
Quinlan, Ted   Molonglo Australian Labor Party
Resigned on 21 March 2006
Ted Quinlan
Seselja, Zed Leader of the Opposition
13 December 2007 - 18 October 2008
Molonglo Liberal Party Zed Seselja
Smyth, Brendan Leader of the Opposition
4 November 2004 - 16 May 2006
Brindabella Liberal Party Brendan Smyth
Stanhope, Jon Chief Minister Ginninderra Australian Labor Party Jon Stanhope
Stefaniak, Bill Leader of the Opposition
16 May 2006 - 13 December 2006
Ginninderra Liberal PartyBill Stefaniak