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Appendix 5: Bill example

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The School Walkathon Bill

A Bill for an Act to fundraise for school resources through a walkathon.

Clause 1: The aim of the bill is to raise additional funds for the school so that new sporting equipment, library books and a shade cloth over the playground equipment can all be purchased.

Clause 2: The School Walkathon Bill sets the date of the walkathon for week 7 of term 1 and requires students to obtain sponsorship for completing the walks. Kindergarten to year 2 students walk a 2 km course and years 3 to 6 walk a 3 km course. Teachers will set the course and be on checkpoints during the walk to ensure students safely navigate the correct route.

Clause 3: The success of the walkathon will be determined by the number of students participating (aim is for 80% participation) and if enough money is raised to make the purchases as outlined in clause 1.

Clause 4: The benefits of this bill are that teachers and students will have additional sporting equipment available to them, more books for reading and a sun safe playground due to the installation of shade cloth.


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