Media Release - Justice and Community Saftey First hearing on ACT Policing


Assembly Committee to hold a first hearing on the current arrangements for ACT Policing.

Tuesday – 16 June 2020

3pm to 5pm

The Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety will hold its first hearing – via virtual hearing – on its evaluation of current ACT policing arrangements tomorrow, 16 June 2020.

The Committee will discuss its evaluation against the criteria announced in November 2019 – see

The Committee will hear from three groups tomorrow:

Please view the program at

Submissions to the inquiry which will be covered at the hearing are at

The Committee’s review is conducted under the Committee’s general powers of inquiry into issues and events affecting all aspects of community safety in the ACT which were given to the Committee by the Assembly at the commencement of the 9th Assembly in 2017.

The Committee plans to draw information from a variety of sources, and particularly will draw on the views of experts, the AFP, the Government and the community.

The Committee particularly notes that its review is virtual – but public. The Committee will release its report prior to the end of this Assembly.

Further Information

For comment, please contact the Committee Chair, Mrs Giulia Jones MLA – and 02 6205 0234.

(Committee Secretary, Andrew Snedden at or 0410516850).

15 June 2020