2019 02 21 - Designing a Territory Coat of Arms


Designing a Territory Coat of Arms

Following the adoption of the Southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby as the mammal emblem for the ACT, the Legislative Assembly now turns its attention to a possible ACT Coat of Arms.

The familiar coat of arms, with a black swan and a white swan, which is currently used to represent our jurisdiction actually represents the City of Canberra.  On 29 November 2018 the Assembly asked the Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services to inquire into a separate Coat of Arms for the Australian Capital Territory.

The Committee is currently seeking advice, and taking time to investigate, the rules and protocol that apply when adopting coats of arms.  Because it happens so infrequently, there is no clear and established process for adopting a jurisdictional coat of arms in Australia.

The Committee considers it is important to clarify the process, and the requirements for the eventual design of a potential coat of arms, before consulting with the community.

In coming months the committee will make another announcement inviting submissions, and identify other avenues by which the community can participate in the inquiry.

For further information, please contact the Committee Secretary on (02) 6205 0124 or by email at: LACommitteeETCS@parliament.act.gov.au.

21 February 2019


For further information please contact:

Committee Chair, Ms Suzanne Orr MLA on (02) 6205 0135

Committee Secretary, Brianna McGill, on (02) 6205 0124 or at LACommitteeETCS@parliament.act.gov.au