2019 12 08 - Justice and Community Safety Committee to conduct an evaluation of ACT Policing


Justice and Community Safety Committee to conduct an evaluation of ACT Policing

The Chair of the Justice and Community Safety Committee (JACS) of the ACT Legislative Assembly, Mrs Giulia Jones MLA, has announced the Committee is to conduct an evaluation of ACT Policing.

The Committee is mindful that, with the 30th anniversary of self-government in the ACT, the arrangements for ACT policing established in 1989 by way of agreement between the Commonwealth and the ACT has been in force for 30 years.

Mrs Jones highlighted the importance of ACT Policing as a fundamental service to the ACT community, and the unique arrangements for policing services in the ACT, being the only Australian jurisdiction which provides policing by way of a contract with another force, in the ACT’s case with the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Mrs Jones noted that the detailed Terms of reference for the inquiry are now on the Committee website at:


Mrs Jones also noted the Committee will seek the views of a range of expert opinion, and from organisations and groups which have addressed the questions raised by consent provisions.  The Committee is also seeking the community’s views and anyone who wants to make their view to the Committee is welcome to do so.

The Committee is seeking submissions by Friday, 7 February 2020.

Those interested in this matter should refer to the information and links on the ACT Government guide to Policing arrangements at: https://police.act.gov.au/about-us/government-directions

The Committee is to report on its evaluation by the end of the current Assembly term in August 2020.

The inquiry website is:


The Committee contact is:

email – LACommitteeJCS@parliament.act.gov.au

phone – 02 62050199

STATEMENT ENDS—Monday 9 December 2019