2019 09 17 - Committee presents its final report on Canberra fuel prices to the Legislative Assembly


Committee presents its final report on Canberra fuel prices to the Legislative Assembly

The Select Committee on Fuel Pricing has today presented its final report to the Legislative Assembly.

The report is at


The Committee Chair, Tara Cheyne MLA, detailed the Committee’s inquiry and report process and its five recommendations (which are attached) which provide the Committee’s considered final response to the many submissions, detailed evidence and wide range of material on fuel pricing considered by the Committee – particularly the responses from Canberrans to an online community survey, conducted by the Committee.

For comment, the Committee Chair, Tara Cheyne MLA contact is 02 6205 0100.

For other inquiries contact the Secretary on (02) 6205 0199 or 0410516850.

STATEMENT ENDS – Tuesday, 17 September 2019


4.12The Committee recommends that the Assembly establish a standing committee to monitor fuel pricing and competition in the ACT.  The role of this standing committee should include but not necessarily be limited to:

a)Regular analysis and reporting on the function and performance of the ACT fuel market for a given period, including price movements, comparison with markets surrounding and adjoining the ACT, and the prevailing terminal gate price; and,

b)Oversight and reporting on any price monitoring scheme implemented in the ACT.

c)The scope of the committee could also be broadened to inquire into other markets that have a significant impact on ACT consumers.

4.20The Committee recommends that the ACT Government be proactive in approaching independent operators directly when considering the addition of new service stations in the ACT and, in doing so:

a)Consider setting aside land for independent operations and/or prioritising new sites which provide high visibility to consumers;

b)Consider and report on the feasibility of introducing concessions for independent operators entering the ACT market, including payroll tax concessions, rates concessions or concessional leases;

c)Ensure that the introduction of any proposals in this recommendation strike a balance between the potential to attract and accommodate discount retailers without unfairly distorting the ACT fuel market.

4.29The Committee recommends that the ACT Government initiate a real-time, mandatory price-monitoring scheme similar to the FuelCheck scheme operating in NSW and, in doing so:

a)Investigate the feasibility of NSW FuelCheck adapting to incorporate the ACT market;

b)Ensure that accurately capturing, recording and publishing ACT fuel prices through a government-regulated body enhances the transparency of prices; and,

c)Arm consumers with the ability to more easily shop around and take advantage of cheaper prices;

d)Ensure that data captured as part of such a mandated scheme is available in real-time as open source public information for use in other apps, websites etc.

4.34The Committee recommends that the ACT Government continue to provide public, accessible education programs and sources about fuel prices to ACT consumers, enhancing what is already available.

4.45The Committee recommends that the ACT Government analyse the comparative level of costs, taxes and rates that service station operators are paying within and outside the ACT, comparing like sites, and report to the Assembly by March 2020. This report should detail any potential change in costs of doing business in the ACT which would result in lower fuel prices.