2019 06 13 - Public hearings - ACT Budget Estimates 14-28 June 2019


Public Hearings

(ACT Budget Estimates: 14 – 28 June 2019)

Inquiry into Appropriation Bill 2019-2020 and

The Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2019-2020

The ACT Legislative Assembly’s Select Committee on Estimates 2019-2020 will be holding public hearings for the Inquiry into the Appropriation Bill 2019-2020 and the Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2019-2020 from Friday 14 to Friday 28 June 2019, inclusive.

The eleven-day hearing program will commence with community and industry groups.  On following days, ACT Government Ministers and statutory officers are scheduled to appear before the Committee.

The public hearings schedule can be accessed here:


The 2019-2020 Budget Papers can be found under the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate’s Budget webpage at: http://apps.treasury.act.gov.au/budget

Hearings will be held in Committee Room 1, Ground Floor, in the Legislative Assembly building in Civic Square, on London Circuit, in Canberra City.  Members of the public are welcome to observe the public hearings from the public gallery of Committee Room 1.

It is also possible to watch the proceedings live via the Assembly’s web-streaming, and if you miss the proceedings of this Committee or any other, you may also access an audio-visual recording via the Assembly’s Committees on Demand portal at: http://aod.parliament.act.gov.au/

The Hansard transcripts of the hearings will be accessible via the Inquiry or Hansard webpage a few days after each hearing at: http://www.hansard.act.gov.au/hansard/2017/comms/default.htm

Statement Ends - Thursday 13 June 2019

Further information:

Committee Chair, Miss Candice Burch MLA on 02 620 50131

Committee Secretary, Ms Annemieke Jongsma on 02 620 51253 or LACommitteeEstimates@parliament.act.gov.au

Committee Support Office: 02 620 50127