2019 04 09 - First hearings on building quality in the ACT


First public hearing on building quality in the ACT

The Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism will hold its first public hearing for its inquiry into building quality in the ACT on Wednesday 10 April from 10am to 12pm.

The Committee is first hearing from some individuals who have made submissions to the inquiry, with later hearings to have appearances by representatives of executive committees, professionals and peak bodies.

Appearing at tomorrow’s hearing are the following witnesses:

*             Jerry Howard (Submission 73)

*             Stephen and Amanda Peek (Submission 7)

*             Natalie Bice and Brendan Pratt (Submission 24)

*             Georgina Pinkas (Submission 45)

*             Peter Hopner (Submission 57)

*             Peter Olley (Submission 59) with Chris McAlistar attending

Visitors are welcome to observe in the Kiribati Room at the Legislative Assembly building on London Circuit and a full transcript will be available at a later date.

Tuesday 9 April 2019