Media Release - Weston Group Centre Report tabled



The Assembly’s Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal has tabled its report on the Inquiry into Draft Variation No 329: Weston Group Centre and Surrounding Community and Leisure and Accommodation Lands: Zone changes and amendments to the Weston Precinct map and code

The draft variation proposed to amend the Territory Plan map by rezoning a number of selected areas, including:

It also proposed to amend the Weston Precinct Code and Map. Some of these changes included:

Whilst the Committee recommended that the Draft Variation proceed, it raised a number of concerns and made 11 recommendations. These included:

The Chair of the Committee, Ms Caroline Le Couteur MLA stated:

‘The Committee particularly focused its recommendations on ensuring any development of the Weston Group Centre improved the community facilities as well as retail and residential opportunities.’

The Report is available via the Inquiry webpage:

STATEMENT ENDS—Tuesday 20 February 2018

For more information contact:

Committee Chair, Ms Caroline Le Couteur MLA on 620 51941

Committee Secretary, Ms Annemieke Jongsma on 620 51253