Media Release - Inquiry into Standardised Testing in ACT Schools - Invitation for Public Submissions


Invitation for Public Submissions

inquiry into standardised testing in act schools

The Standing Committee on Education, Employment and Youth Affairs invites submissions to its Inquiry into Standardised Testing in ACT Schools.

The Chair of the Committee, Michael Pettersson MLA, said “the Committee resolved to inquire and report on the purpose and use of standardised testing in ACT schools including consideration of how the results inform teaching. The Committee will also look at how the ACT is performing against equivalent schools in other jurisdictions and over the long term.”

Mr Pettersson said “the Committee would like to hear from a range of stakeholder and would particularly like to hear from schools, parents, teachers and students around the implications of standardised testing.”

The full terms of reference are attached and are available on the Committee’s website -,-employment-and-youth-affairs

The Committee would welcome submissions from stakeholders and the general public. Written submissions should be lodged with the Committee Secretary by close of business on Monday 30 July 2018.

The Committee prefers all submissions to be lodged in electronic form (Word format), although handwritten submissions are acceptable. All submissions, including those sent electronically, must include a name, an email address, a postal address and a telephone contact number. Personal contact details will not be published.

Submissions should be forwarded to:

For further information on how to lodge a submission is available at:

The Committee intends to hold public hearings in September 2018 to assist the Inquiry. Please indicate in your written submission if you would like to appear before the Committee. Please be aware that the final witness selection rests with the Committee.

For any further enquiries, please contact the Committee Secretary on (02) 6205 0435 or by email at:

STATEMENT END—Wednesday 30 May 2018


Inquiry into Standardised Testing in ACT Schools

The Standing Committee on Education, Employment and Youth Affairs shall consider the following matters:

1. The use of Standardised testing in ACT Schools, including but not limited to:

a. The purpose of standardised testing.

b. The current use of standardised tests including;

c. Alternate forms of assessment and reporting (such as A-E reporting).

d. How test results are used to inform teaching on an individual basis and as a cohort.

e. The amount of time devoted to preparing for and conducting these assessments.

f. The impact on student wellbeing and mental health.

g. The effect on teacher morale and professional autonomy.

h. The efficacy of current testing materials.

i. The cost of standardised testing.

2. The ACT’s performance in standardised testing, including but not limited to:

a. The level of achievement of ACT schools compared to similar counterparts nationally and internationally.

b. The long term trend of performance in the ACT.

c. How the ACT Education Directorate uses test data to inform policy and teaching principles.

d. The measurement of learning gains in ACT schools.

e. How standardised testing results inform school enrolment decisions.

3. The Committee will also consider the ACT Auditor General’s report No.4/2017, Performance information in ACT public schools as part of its inquiry.

4. Any other relevant matter.

For further information please contact:

The Committee Chair, Mr Michael Pettersson MLA on (02) 6205 1436

The Committee Secretary, Mrs Nicola Kosseck, on (02) 6205 0435 or by email at