Media Release - Inquiry into End of Life Choices in the ACT - Extension for Submissions


Assembly Committee extends the date for submissions on End of Life Choices in the ACT to 23 March 2018

The Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly which was set up at the end of 2017 to look end of life choices in the ACT looks forward to receiving the views of all members of the community who want to make their contribution to the Committee‘s inquiry.

The Select Committee Chair, Bec Cody MLA today announced the Committee’s decision to extend the Committee’s closing date for submissions on the inquiry by a month to allow the organisations and individuals, and the ACT community, maximum opportunity to have their say on the issues raised for the Committee’s consideration.

Ms Cody noted the Committee has now set Friday, 23 March 2018 as the date for submissions to be received.

Details of the Committee’s call for submissions are at the Committee’s website

Ms Cody said, “The Committee considers this change of date for submissions will allow everyone interested to send their views to the Committee by 23 March.”

9 February 2018

For comment – Committee Chair, Bec Cody MLA – (02) 62051448

For information on the inquiry, and making submissions – Committee Secretary, Andrew Snedden – (02) 62050199

Committee website -


The terms of reference for the inquiry are –

(1) current practices utilised in the medical community to assist a person to exercise their preference in managing the end of their life, including palliative care;

(2) ACT community views on the desirability of voluntary assisted dying being legislated in the ACT;

(3) risks to individuals and the community associated with voluntary assisted dying and whether and how these can be managed;

(4) the applicability of voluntary assisted dying schemes operating in other jurisdictions to the ACT, particularly the Victorian scheme;

(5) the impact of Federal legislation on the ACT determining its own policy on voluntary assisted dying and the process for achieving change; and

(6) any other relevant matter