ACT Legislative Assembly

Members of the Third Assembly (1995-1997)


18 February 1995


  • First sitting 9 March 1995
  • Final sitting 11 December 1997


Liberal Party - 7 members; Australian Labor Party - 6 members; ACT Greens - 2 members; Independents - 2 members

Members of the Third Assembly PDF (206.5kb) Word (201kb)
Historical document published in July 1995 which includes biographical information provided by members at the commencement of the Third Assembly.

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Member Office holders Electorate Party Photo
Berry, Wayne Leader of the Opposition
19 August 1997 - 21 February 1998

Ginninderra Australian Labor Party
Carnell, Kate Chief Minister Molonglo Liberal Party
Connolly, Terry Molonglo
resigned on 19 February 1996

Australian Labor Party
Corbell, Simon Molonglo
elected on countback on 9 January 1997

Australian Labor Party
Cornwell, Greg Speaker Molonglo Liberal Party
De Domenico, Tony Brindabella
resigned on 30 January 1997

Liberal Party
Follett, Rosemary Leader of the Opposition
9 March 1995 - 5 March 1996

resigned on 12 December 1996

Australian Labor Party
Hird, Harold Ginninderra Liberal Party
Horodny, Lucy Ginninderra ACT Greens
Humphries, Gary Molonglo Liberal Party
Kaine, Trevor Brindabella Liberal Party
Littlewood, Louise Brindabella
elected on countback on 13 February 1997

Liberal Party
McRae, Roberta Ginninderra Australian Labor Party
Moore, Michael Molonglo Moore Independents
Osborne, Paul Brindabella Independent
Reilly, Marion Molonglo
elected on countback 21 March 1996

Australian Labor Party
Stefaniak, Bill Ginninderra Liberal Party
Tucker, Kerrie Molonglo ACT Greens
Whitecross, Andrew Leader of the Opposition
5 March 1996 - 19 August 1997

Brindabella Australian Labor Party
Wood, Bill Brindabella Australian Labor Party


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