Second Assembly

Members of the Second Assembly (1992-1994)


15 February 1992



Australian Labor Party - 8 members; Liberal Party - 6 members; Independents - 2 members; Abolish Self-Government Coalition - 1 member

Note: The 1992 election was conducted using the "modified d'Hondt" system with only one electorate comprising the whole of the Australian Capital Territory.

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Historical document published in April 1993 which includes biographical information provided by members at the commencement of the Second Assembly.

Member Office HoldersPartyPhotograph
Berry, Wayne   Australian Labor Party Wayne Berry
Carnell, Kate Leader of the Opposition
21 April 1993 - 18 February 1995
Liberal Party Kate Carnell
Connolly, Terry   Australian Labor Party Terry Connolly
Cornwell, Greg Deputy Speaker Liberal Party Greg Cornwell
De Domenico, Tony   Liberal Party Tony De Domenico
Ellis, Annette   Australian Labor Party Annette Ellis
Follett, Rosemary Chief Minister Australian Labor Party Rosemary Follett
Grassby, Ellnor   Australian Labor Party Ellnor Grassby
Humphries, Gary   Liberal Party Gary Humphries
Kaine, Trevor Leader of the Opposition
27 March 1992 - 21 April 1993 
Liberal Party Trevor Kaine
Lamont, David   Australian Labor Party David Lamont
McRae, Roberta Speaker Australian Labor Party Roberta McRae
Moore, Michael   Moore Independents Michael Moore
Stefaniak, Bill Deputy Speaker Liberal Party
Elected on countback 23 August 1994
Bill Stefaniak
Stevenson, Dennis   Abolish Self-Government Party Dennis Stevenson
Szuty, Helen   Moore Independents Helen Szuty
Westende, Lou   Liberal Party
Resigned on 25 July 1994
Lou Westende
Wood, Bill   Australian Labor PartyBill Wood