Former Members Association Constitution

Constitution of the Former Members' Association of the Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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Adopted 9 May 2019

1. Name

The name of the organisation shall be the Former Members’ Association of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory (hereafter) called ‘The Association’.

2. Objects

The objects of the Association shall be to:

(a) encourage members to continue the association and friendships they enjoyed whilst Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly;

(b) establish and maintain a focal point, preferably at the ACT Legislative Assembly, for promoting those associations and friendships;

(c) represent where necessary former Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly;

(d) provide advice and assistance in appropriate cases to former colleagues; and

(e) to achieve these objectives by arranging occasional meetings, social functions or sporting events for Members and others.

3. Membership

Any former Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly may become a member. Any former staff member of the Office of the Legislative Assembly may become an adjunct member.

4. Patron

The Patron of the Association shall be the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

5. Annual subscription

The Association may, by resolution, determine an annual subscription.

6. Committee

(a) The Association shall be managed by a Committee comprising the President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary.

(b) Any former Member shall be eligible for election to the Committee.

(c) The Honorary Secretary/Treasurer shall be the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.

7. General Meeting

(a) There shall be a General Meeting at least once during the term of an Assembly and all members shall be given timely notice thereof.

(b) Each General Meeting shall:

(i) confirm the minutes of any prior General Meeting;

(ii) elect for the term year a Committee;

(iii) consider any other business due notice of which shall have been given.

(c) A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee or by any five members of the Association. All members shall be given timely notice thereof.

8. Procedures

(a) The President or, in his/her absence, the Vice President shall preside at all general and committee meetings.

(b) The President shall conduct all meetings in accordance with established parliamentary practice.

(c) The quorum shall be five for a general meeting and two for a committee meeting.

(d) The committee shall meet at least once on Assembly and shall determine its own procedures subject to this Constitution.

9. Amendment

The Association’s name may be changed, or this Constitution may be otherwise amended or the Association may be dissolved with the approval of not less than two thirds of the members of the Association present at a General Meeting or a Special General Meeting provided that notice has been given in the notice convening the meeting.