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Leaders of the Opposition for the ACT

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Member Commenced term

End of term

Party Photo
Coe, Alistair 2016-10-31 present Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe
Hanson, Jeremy 2013-02-11 2016-10-25 Canberra Liberals Jeremy Hanson
Seselja, Zed 2007-12-13 2012-02-11 Canberra Liberals Zed Seselja
Stefaniak, Bill 2006-05-16 2007-12-13 Liberal Party Bill Stefaniak
Smyth, Brendan 2002-11-25 2006-05-16

Canberra Liberals Brendan Smyth
Humphries, Gary
First term
1991-06-21 1991-07-22 Liberal Party Gary Humphries
Duby, Craig 1991-06-21 1991-06-21 Independents Group Craig Duby
Humphries, Gary
Second term
2001-11-12 2002-11-25 Liberal Party Gary Humphries
Stanhope, Jon 1998-03-19 2001-10-19 Australian Labor Party Jon Stanhope
Berry, Wayne 1997-08-19 1998-02-21 Australian Labor Party Wayne Berry
Whitecross, Andrew 1996-03-05 1997-08-19 Australian Labor Party Andrew Whitecross
Follett, Rosemary
First term
1989-12-05 1991-06-06 Australian Labor Party Rosemary Follett
Follett, Rosemary
Second term
1995-03-09 1996-03-05 Australian Labor Party Rosemary Follett
Carnell, Kate 1992-04-21 1995-02-18 Liberal Party Kate Carnell
Kaine, Trevor
First term
1989-05-11 1989-12-05 Liberal Party Trevor Kaine
Kaine, Trevor
Second term
1991-06-06 1991-06-21 Liberal Party Trevor Kaine
Kaine, Trevor
Third term
1991-07-22 1993-04-21 Liberal Party Trevor Kaine


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