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From February 2018, an electronic copy of most papers that have been tabled in the Assembly that are authorised for publication pursuant to standing order 212A, will appear below.

The following categories of tabled papers are not provided below as they are routinely published elsewhere:

General enquiries regarding papers tabled in the Assembly should be directed to the responsible directorate or agency, or via the Access Canberra portal. If you require assistance in identifying the responsible agency or directorate, please email:

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Date Tabled Title

Coroner's Report - Findings of Death of Steven Freeman - Government response

PDF File 129.2 KB


Alexander Maconochie Centre - Review of the Opioid Replacement Treatment Program - Report of the ACT Health Services Comissioner - Government response

PDF File 152.8 KB


ACT Club Industry Diversification Support Analysis - Findings and recommendations, prepared by Neville Stevens AO

PDF File 1.3 MB


2017-18 Capital Works Program - Progess report - Year-to-date 30 June 2018

PDF File 2.3 MB


System-Wide Data Review - Implementation Plan - Phase One, to December 2018

PDF File 566.0 KB


Leading Data Reform - The Way Forward - Outcomes of the ACT Health System-Wide Review - dated August 2018

PDF File 2.8 MB


Leading Data Reform - The Way Forward - Outcomes of the ACT Health System-Wide Review - dated 6 April 2018

PDF File 6.2 MB


Leading Data Reform - The Way Forward - Outcomes of the ACT Health System-Wide Review - Government response

PDF File 458.0 KB


Australian Council on Healthcare Standards National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard Survey - Report

PDF File 1.2 MB


The Future Of Education - An ACT education strategy for the next ten years

PDF File 9.9 MB


Visit to Westminster Parliament / Attendance at the CPA/WFD Benchmarks Workshop / Visit to Scottish Parliament by the Speaker and Clerk of the legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory - Report

PDF File 2.4 MB


Domestic Animals - Services Management and Staff Resources, pursuant to the resolution of the Assembly of 9 May 2018

PDF File 196.0 KB


Changing the narrative for vulnerable children: Strengthening ACT systems

PDF File 1.2 MB


Standing order 191—Amendments to the Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018

PDF File 67.3 KB


Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication Scheme - Implementation - Report

PDF File 561.1 KB


Justice and Community Safety - Standing Committee - Schedule of Statutory Appointments - 9th Assembly - Period 1 January to 30 June 2018

PDF File 317.3 KB


Approval of Variation No 329 to the Territory Plan - Weston group centre and surrounding community and leisure and accomodation lands: Zone changes and amendments to the Weston precinct map and code, including associated documents

PDF File 28.8 MB


Consolidated Financial Report - Financial quarter ending 30 June 2018

PDF File 3.9 MB


Commissioner for Standards - Annual report 2017-2018

PDF File 119.3 KB


Approval of Variation No 344 to the Territory Plan - Woden Town Centre: Zone Changes and Amendments to the Phillip Precinct Map and Code, including associated documents

PDF File 20.2 MB

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