ACT Legislative Assembly

Continuing resolution 8

Implementation of Committee recommendations in annual reports

This resolution calls on the Chief Minister to include information in annual reports relating to responses to recommendations of Assembly committees.

Resolution agreed by the Assembly

10 April 2002 (amended 6 March 2008)


  1. (1) this Assembly calls upon the Chief Minister to include in any relevant instrument relating to the information to be included in annual reports made pursuant to the provisions of the Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004 directions to include a schedule outlining action that has been achieved and is in progress on the implementation of recommendations of Assembly standing and select committees that have been accepted by the Government of the day in any response to those committee reports;

  2. (2) this provision commence in relation to the current Government’s responses to committee reports of the Fourth Assembly, and, after initial publication, the schedules included in subsequent annual reports only need include information required on achievements in the relevant period and action that remains outstanding; and

  3. (3) this resolution has effect from the commencement of the Fifth Assembly and continues in force unless and until amended or repealed by this or a subsequent Assembly or the relevant provisions of the legislation are amended by an Assembly.


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