ACT Legislative Assembly

Continuing resolution 7

Freedom of speech

This resolution provides a guide to Members in exercising their freedom of speech in the Assembly.

Resolution agreed by the Assembly

4 May 1995

Exercise of freedom of speech

  1. (1) That the Legislative Assembly considers that, in speaking in the Assembly or in a committee, Members should take the following matters into account:

    1. (a) the need to exercise their valuable right of freedom of speech in a responsible manner;

    2. (b) the damage that may be done by allegations made in the Assembly to those who are the subject of such allegations and to the standing of the Assembly;

    3. (c) the limited opportunities for persons other than Members of the Assembly to respond to allegations made in the Assembly;

    4. (d) the need for Members, while fearlessly performing their duties, to have regard to the rights of others; and

    5. (e) the desirability of ensuring that statements reflecting adversely on persons are soundly based.

  2. (2) That the Speaker, whenever the Speaker considers that it is desirable to do so, may draw the attention of the Assembly to the spirit and the letter of this resolution.

  3. (3) That this resolution has effect from the commencement of the Third Assembly and continues in force unless and until amended or repealed by this or a subsequent Assembly.


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