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Continuing resolution 6A

Ethics and Integrity Adviser

This resolution allows the Speaker to appoint an Ethics and Integrity Adviser.

Resolution agreed by the Assembly

10 April 2008 (amended 21 August 2008)

That this Assembly requests the Speaker to appoint an Ethics and Integrity Adviser for Members of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory with the following functions:

Provision of advice

  1. (1) Advise Members of the Legislative Assembly, when asked to do so by that Member, on ethical issues concerning the exercise of his or her role as a Member (including the use of entitlements and potential conflicts of interest).

  2. (2) Giving advice that is consistent with any code of conduct or other guidelines adopted by the Assembly, but does not include the provision of any legal advice.


  1. (1) The Ethics and Integrity Adviser shall be required to keep records of advice given and the factual information upon which it is based.

  2. (2) The Ethics and Integrity Adviser shall be under a duty to maintain the confidentiality of information provided to him/her in exercising the function and any advice given, but may make public any advice if the person who requested the advice gives permission for it to be made public.

  3. (3) The Assembly shall only call for the production of records of the Ethics and Integrity Adviser if the person to which the records relate has sought to rely on the advice given in relation to paragraph (1) or given permission for the records to be produced to the Assembly.

  4. (4) The Ethics and Integrity Adviser is to meet at least annually with the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure for a discussion on matters raised and possible proposals to address them.

  5. (5) The Ethics and Integrity Adviser shall report to the Assembly on an annual basis detailing the number of ethical matters raised with him/her and the number of Members who sought advice on any issues concerning Members’ entitlements that have given rise to requests for ethics advice and suggest proposals to address these issues.

  6. (6) The Speaker shall, after each Assembly is elected or whenever the office becomes vacant, appoint an Ethics and Integrity Adviser for the life of that Assembly and the period of three months after each election.

  7. (7) Before appointing an Adviser, the Speaker shall consult with the Chief Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and Crossbench Members.

  8. (8) The Ethics and Integrity Adviser may resign in writing to the Speaker, or may be removed from office for proved misbehaviour or mental incapacity on a resolution agreed to by the Assembly.

This resolution has effect from the date of its agreement by the Legislative Assembly and continues in force unless amended or repealed by this or a subsequent Assembly.


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