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Continuing resolution 6

Declaration of private interests of Members

This resolution provides that Members shall, within 28 days of taking their seats, declare their private interests. The resolution also sets out how those interests may be accessed.

Resolution agreed by the Assembly

7 April 1992 (amended 27 August 1998, 17 March 2005, 6 March 2008, 10 December 2009 and 30 November 2017)


  1. (1) within 28 days of the making andsubscribing of an oath or affirmation as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory each Member of the Legislative Assembly shall provide to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly a declaration of the private interests of themselves and their immediate family in the form as presented to the Assembly on 30 November 2017 [15] and shall notify any alteration of those interests to the Clerk within 60 days of that alteration occurring;

  2. (2) under the general direction of the Speaker, and in accordance with section 11 of the form, the Clerk shall store the declarations of private interests made by each Member and arrange for the declarations and updates for that Assembly to be placed on the Legislative Assembly website on the internet. When a Member vacates his or her seat or is not re-elected at the next general election for the Assembly, the Clerk shall retain those declarations for seven years, after which the Clerk shall destroy all declarations made by that Member in his/her custody and remove those declarations from the Legislative Assembly website on the internet;

  3. (3) any declaration stored by the Clerk be made available for perusal to any person on request; and

  4. (4) that this resolution has effect from the commencement of the Second Assembly and continues in force unless and until amended or repealed by this or a subsequent Assembly.



Form is contained in the Members’ Guide.

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