ACT Legislative Assembly

Continuing resolution 5A

Consideration of statutory appointments

This resolution provides guidelines in relation to the consideration of statutory appointments by relevant Legislative Assembly committees.

Resolution agreed by the Assembly

23 August 2012


  1. (1) recognising that the Executive has a role in making appointments to statutory positions, and that the Legislature has a role in being consulted and, in one case, having a veto over an appointment, both individual members of the Executive and the relevant committee of the Legislative Assembly shall ensure that details of proposed appointments remain confidential until the appointment is made;

  2. (2) to promote accountability and transparency, the relevant standing committees that consider statutory appointments shall, on a six monthly basis (that is, for the periods 1 January to 30 June and from 1 July to 31 December), make a statement to the Assembly in accordance with standing order 246A and present a schedule listing appointments considered during the relevant period; and

  3. (3) the list shall include the statutory appointment considered, the date the request for consultation was received and the date the committee’s feedback was provided.


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