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Chapter 4


This chapter sets out the procedures relating to the Members’ roll, record of attendance, leave of absence, resignation of a Member and Minutes of Proceedings, including custody of records.

Members’ roll kept by Clerk

20. A roll of Members shall be kept by the Clerk, showing the names of the Members elected, the dates of that election, of making an oath or affirmation and of ceasing to be Members and the reason. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Record of attendance

21. The attendance of Members at each sitting of the Assembly shall be recorded in the Minutes of Proceedings.

Leave of absence

22. A Member may be granted leave of absence from the Assembly, on motion moved without notice, stating the reason for leave and the period of absence. The motion shall have priority over all other business. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Leave of absence excuses from service

23. A Member shall be excused from service in the Assembly, or any committee, as long as the Member has leave of absence.

Leave of absence forfeited

24. A Member who has been granted leave of absence shall forfeit the leave if the Member attends the Chamber of the Assembly before the end of the period of leave. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Resignation of Member

24A. A Member may resign as a Member of the Assembly by written notice to the Speaker or, in the absence of the Speaker from the Territory or from duty, the Deputy Speaker. [6] (Inserted 6 March 2008)

Minutes of Proceedings

25. All proceedings of the Assembly shall be recorded by the Clerk, and such records shall constitute the Minutes of Proceedings of the Assembly and shall be signed by the Clerk.

Custody of records

26. Subject to standing order 212 under the direction of the Speaker, the Clerk shall have custody of the Minutes of Proceedings, and all documents presented to the Assembly. (Amended 6 March 2008)


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