ACT Legislative Assembly

Chapter 22


This chapter sets out the procedures relating to ballots taken in the Assembly.

When ballot taken

265. A ballot shall be taken whenever the Assembly thinks fit.

Bells rung before ballot

266. Before the Assembly proceeds to any ballot the bells shall be rung for 4 minutes as in a vote.

Manner of taking ballot

267. Unless otherwise expressly provided, a ballot shall be taken in the following manner: each Member present shall give to the Clerk a list of the names of such Members as the Member thinks fit and proper to be chosen at such ballot; if any list contains a larger or lesser number of names than are to be chosen it shall be void and rejected.

When all the lists are collected, the Clerk shall ascertain and report to the Speaker the names of the Members having the greatest number of votes, such Members shall be declared by the Speaker to be chosen. In the event of an equality of votes, the names of the Members concerned shall be submitted to a further ballot or ballots until the necessary number of Members has been chosen. Further ballots may be deferred until a later hour or to the next sitting. (Amended 6 March 2008)


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