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Chapter 17


This chapter sets out the procedures relating to disorder in the Assembly and in committees.

Disorder by Member

202. If any Member has:

  1. (a) persistently and willfully obstructed the business of the Assembly; or

  2. (b) been guilty of disorderly conduct; or

  3. (c) used offensive words, which the Member has refused to withdraw; or

  4. (d) persistently and willfully refused to conform to any standing order; or

  5. (e) persistently and willfully disregarded the authority of the Chair –

that Member may be named by the Speaker.

Proceedings following naming

203. Upon naming a Member the Speaker shall forthwith put the question, no amendment, adjournment or debate being allowed, "That such Member be suspended from the service of the Assembly". (Amended 6 March 2008)

Period of suspension

204. If any Member is suspended under standing order 203, that Member’s suspension on the first occasion shall be for 3 sitting hours; on the second occasion during the same calendar year for 2 sitting days excluding the day of suspension; and on the third or any subsequent occasion during the same calendar year for 3 sitting days excluding the day of suspension.

Speaker may order disorderly, Member to withdraw.  Member named

205. When the conduct of a Member is of such a grossly disorderly nature that the procedures provided in standing order 203 would be inadequate to ensure the urgent protection of the dignity of the Assembly, the Speaker shall order the Member to withdraw immediately from the Chamber and the officers of the Assembly shall act on such orders as they receive from the Chair in pursuance of this standing order. When the Member has withdrawn, that Member shall forthwith be named by the Speaker and the proceedings shall then be as provided in standing orders 203 and 204, except that the question for the suspension of the Member shall be put by the Chair without a motion being necessary.

If the question for the suspension is resolved in the negative, the Member may return forthwith to the Chamber.

Member suspended excluded from Chamber and other activities

206. A Member who has been suspended from the service of the Assembly shall be excluded from the Chamber and the gallery. During a period of suspension, a Member may participate in committee proceedings but may not lodge notices, questions, petitions or matters of public importance. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Removal of a Member

206A. If a Member refuses to follow the Speaker’s direction, the Speaker may order the Serjeant-at-Arms to remove the Member from the Chamber. (Inserted 6 March 2008)

Speaker may adjourn Assembly or suspend sitting

207. In the case of grave disorder arising in the Assembly, the Speaker may adjourn the Assembly without any question being put, or suspend any sitting to a time to be named by the Speaker. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Member ordered to attend the Assembly

208. If any Member willfully disobeys any order of the Assembly, that Member may be ordered to attend the Assembly to answer for that conduct.

Disorderly person may be removed

209. Where, in the opinion of the Speaker or the Chair of any committee, a person other than a Member behaves in an offensive or disorderly manner or otherwise disrupts the proceedings of the Assembly or any of its committees, the Speaker or the Chair of the committee, as the case may be, may require the person to leave the Chamber and its precincts or the place of meeting of the committee and may authorise the removal of the person. (Amended 6 March 2008)


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