ACT Legislative Assembly

Chapter 16

Financial Procedures

This chapter sets out the procedures relating to the appropriation of public money of the Territory.

Money proposals submitted – without notice

200. An enactment, vote or resolution for the appropriation of the public money of the Territory must not be proposed in the Assembly except by a Minister. Such proposals may be introduced by a Minister without notice. [13] (Amended 16 June 1994)

Limitations on amendments

201. A Member, other than a Minister, may not move an amendment to a money proposal, as specified in standing order 200, if that amendment would increase the amount of public money of the Territory to be appropriated. [14] (Amended 16 June 1994)

201A. An amendment in accordance with standing order 201 must be in accordance with the resolution agreed to on 23 November 1995 – i.e. "That this Assembly reaffirms the principles of the Westminster system embodied in the ‘financial initiative of the Crown’ and the limits that that initiative places on non-executive Members in moving amendments other than those to reduce items of proposed expenditure.". (Inserted 6 March 2008)


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