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Chapter 12


This chapter sets out the procedures relating to amendments.

Different forms of amendments

138. A question having been proposed may be amended by:

  1. (a) omitting certain words only;

  2. (b) omitting certain words in order to substitute other words; or

  3. (c) inserting or adding words.

Amendments – proposed

139. A proposed amendment to any motion before the Assembly must, for purposes of record, be in writing and be signed by the mover.

Relevancy of amendment

140. Every amendment must be relevant to the question which it is proposed to amend.

Inconsistent amendment not to be moved

141. An amendment shall not be moved if it is inconsistent with a previous decision on the question.

No amendment of earlier part

142. An amendment may not be moved to any part of a question after a later part has been amended, or after a question has been proposed on an amendment thereto, unless the proposed amendment has, by leave, been withdrawn.

Order of moving amendments

143. An amendment proposed shall be disposed of before another amendment to the original question can be moved.

Proposed amendment withdrawn

144. A proposed amendment may, by leave, be withdrawn.

Amendments to proposed amendments

145. Amendments may be moved to a proposed amendment as if such proposed amendment were an original question.

Question as amended put

146. When amendments have been made, the main question shall be put as amended.

When amendments moved but not made

147. When amendments have been moved but not made, the question shall be put as originally proposed.


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