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Chapter 11

Motions, Questions, Votes and Resolutions

This chapter sets out the procedures when dealing with motions, questions before the Assembly, votes and the rescinding of votes or resolutions.

No motion without previous notice

123. A Member may not, except by leave of the Assembly, or unless it is otherwise provided by the standing orders, move any motion except pursuant to a notice appearing on the Notice Paper.

Precedence of motions

124. Motions shall have precedence over each other according to the order in which they appear on the Notice Paper. A motion may be postponed on motion without notice moved by the Member who gave notice of the motion.

Motions not called on

125. Subject to the provisions of standing order 78 if, at the adjournment of the Assembly, any motions on the Notice Paper have not been called on, such motions shall be set down on the Notice Paper for the next sitting day, after the motions of which notice for that day have been given.

Removal of notices from the Notice Paper

125A. After notifying the mover, the Clerk shall remove from the Notice Paper any notice of motion which has not been called on for four sitting weeks. (Inserted 6 March 2008. Amended 13 December 2016)

Precedence to vote of thanks or condolence

126. As a courtesy, the Assembly will ordinarily grant precedence to a motion moved without notice for a vote of condolence or thanks of the Assembly. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Member absent when notice called on

127. If a Member is not present in the Chamber when a notice of motion given by that Member is called on, it shall be withdrawn from the Notice Paper, unless another Member, at the request of the proposer, thereupon fixes a future time for moving the motion.

Member fails to move

128. If a Member, when the notice of motion given by the Member is called on, fails to move the motion, it shall be withdrawn from the Notice Paper unless the Member thereupon fixes a future time for moving the motion.

Question proposed by Speaker

129. When a motion has been moved, a question thereupon shall be proposed to the Assembly by the Speaker, and the motion shall be in the possession of the Assembly, and cannot be withdrawn without leave.

Anticipation of business

130. A matter on the Notice Paper must not be anticipated by a matter of public importance, an amendment or other less effective form of proceeding such as a speech in the adjournment debate, question on notice or an amendment. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Motion superseded or withdrawn, again moved

131. A motion which has been superseded or, by leave of the Assembly withdrawn, may be moved again.

Question put

132. As soon as the debate upon a question has been concluded, the Speaker shall put the question to the Assembly.

Question divided

133. The Assembly may order a question to be divided and may order reports of committees and other matters be considered by parts. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Question determined by majority of voices

134. A question being put shall be resolved in the affirmative or negative, by the majority of voices, “Aye” or “No”.

Speaker states result

135. The Speaker shall state whether, in the Chair’s opinion, the “Ayes” or the “Noes” are in the majority; if the opinion is challenged the question shall be decided by vote.

Same question may be disallowed

136. The Speaker may disallow any motion or amendment which is the same in substance as any question, which, during that calendar year, has been resolved in the affirmative or negative, unless the order, resolution or vote on such question or amendment has been rescinded.

Resolution or vote rescinded

137. A resolution or other vote of the Assembly, may be read and rescinded; no such resolution or other vote may be rescinded within the same calendar year, unless 3 days’ notice is given: provided that to correct irregularities or mistakes one day’s notice shall besufficient, or the corrections may be made at once by leave of the Assembly.


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