ACT Legislative Assembly

Chapter 1

Proceedings for the Meeting of Assembly

This Chapter sets out the procedures for the first meeting of the Assembly following an election, including the swearing-in of Members

Meeting of a new Assembly

1. When the Assembly first meets after an election, the procedure shall be as follows:

(a) Members shall assemble in the Legislative Assembly Chamber at the time appointed by the Speaker in the notice calling the Assembly together in accordance with section 17 of the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988. (Amended 6 March 2008)

Clerk reads instrument

(b) The Clerk shall read the notice convening the meeting of the Assembly. [1] (Amended 6 March 2008)

Admission of Chief Justice

(c) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory or a person authorised by the Chief Justice for the purpose shall enter the Chamber for the purpose of Members making an oath or affirmation. [2]

Election notification and Members sworn

(d) The official notification of the election of each Member shall be presented by the Clerk, and the Members shall then make and subscribe an oath or affirmation as prescribed by the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988. [3]

Speaker to be elected

(e) The Assembly shall then proceed to elect a Speaker. [4]

Clerk chairs Assembly

(f) Until a Speaker is elected the Clerk shall chair the Assembly.

Chief Minister to be elected

(g) The Assembly shall next proceed to the election of a Chief Minister for the Territory. [5]


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