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Companion to the standing orders of the Legislative Assembly

This document was produced to assist the Speaker, Members and others with an interest in understanding the workings of the Assembly and its practices and procedures.


Companion to the Standing Orders - PDF file (5.8MB)

Reference Guide
An Introduction
1. The Legislative Assembly, its establishment, role and membership
2. Immunities and Powers of the Assembly (Privilege)
3. Elections and the Electoral System
4. Membership of the Assembly
5. Speaker and Officers of the Assembly
6. Executive
7. Sittings and Adjournment of the Assembly
8. Conduct of the Business of the Assembly
9. Motions
10. Rules of Debate and the Maintenance of Order
11. Legislation
12. Questions Seeking Information
13. Papers, Records and Publications of the Assembly
14. Petitions
15. Matters of Public Importance
16. Committees
17. Witnesses
18. Chamber and Assembly Precincts


A1. Assemblies
A2. Speakers
A3. Deputy Speakers
A4. Assistant Speakers
A5. Chief Ministers
A6. Leaders of the Opposition
A7. Chronological List of Ministries
A8. Party Affiliations in the Legislative Assembly
A9. Clerks
A10. Sittings of the Assembly
A11. Legislation Considered in the Assembly
A12. Private Members' Bills Passed into Law
A13. Statistics on Assembly Proceedings
A14. Committees
A15. Matters Raised as Matters of Privilege in the Assembly
A16. Committee Reports on Matters Raised as Matters of Privilege in the Assembly
A17. Disallowance of Enactments by the Governor-General
A18. Broadcasting Guidelines
A19. Citizens' Right of Reply
A20. Code of Conduct for all Members of the Legislative Assembly for the ACT
A21. Declaration of Private Interests of Members
A22. Bills for Entrenching Laws
A23. Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988
A24. Amendments made to the Australian Capital Territory Self-Government) Act 1988
A25. Legislative Assembly (Broadcasting) Act 2001
A26. Legislative Assembly Precincts Act 2001
A27. Parliamentary Privileges Act 1987


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