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Standing Committee on Public Accounts

In accordance with the Committee’s terms of resolution of establishment all reports of the Auditor-General presented to the Legislative Assembly for the ACT are referred to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for examination.

Procedures the Public Accounts Committee adopts in examining reports of the Auditor-General

A summary of the current procedures the ACT Standing Committee on Public Accounts (ACT PAC) adopts in examining reports of the ACT Auditor-General is available here.

Government Guidelines for responding to Auditor-General’s Reports

The Government has issued guidelines for responding to performance audit reports by the Auditor-General in April 2016. The guidelines are available at:

Auditor-General’s Reports referred to the Public Accounts Committee  - Ninth Assembly

View Auditor-General's Reports from ACT Audit Office

No.Auditor-General's Reports

Report released/


Government Response presented

StatusInquiry concluded
11/20172016-17 Financial Audits - Financial Results and Audit Findings06/12/2017   
10/20172016-17 Financial Audits - Overview24/11/2017 28/11/2017   
9/2017ACT Audit Office 2016-17 Annual Report12/10/2017 24/10/2017 Consider as part of the inquiry into Annual and Financial Reports 2016-2017. 
8/2017Select ACT Government agencies' management of public art12/10/2017 24/10/2017   
7/2017Public Housing Renewal Program27/06/2017 01/08/201724/10/2017  
6/2017Mental Health Services - Transition from Acute Care23/06/2017 01/08/201724/10/2017  
5/2017Maintenance of Selected Road Infrastructure Assets09/06/2017 01/08/2017 24/10/2017  
 4/2017Performance Information in ACT Public Schools31/05/2017 06/06/2017 15/08/2017  
3/20172015-16 Financial Audits - Computer Information Systems05/05/2017 09/05/2017 24/08/2017246A statement made 08/06/2017—adopted for further inquiry. 
2/20172016 ACT Election16/02/2017 08/06/2017246A made 28/03/2017—write to the Select Committee on the 2016 ACT Election and Electoral Act to bring the matter to its attention. 
1/2017WorkSafe ACT’s management of its regulatory responsibilities for the demolition of loose-fill asbestos contaminated houses20/01/2017 14/02/201721/03/2017246A statement made 08/06/2017—adopted for further inquiry. 
11/20162015-16 Financial Audits - Financial Results and Audit Finding21/12//2016 14/02/201711/05/2017246A statement made 08/06/2017—No further inquiry. 08/06/2017
10/20162015-16 Financial Audits - Audit Reports07/12/2016 13/12/201711/05/2017246A statement made 28/03/2017—No further inquiry. 08/06/2017
9/2016Commissioner for International Engagement – position creation and appointment process30/11/2016 13/12/201630/03/2017  
8/2016ACT Audit Office Annual Report 2015-1605/10/2016 13/12/2016 N/A

Considered as part of inquiry into Annual and Financial Reports 2015-2016.

Committee report released 11/05/2017.


7/2016Certain Land Development Agency Acquisitions30/09/2016 31/10/201614/02/2017246A statement made 28/03/2017—adopted for further inquiry.

At its meeting of 13 December 2016 the Legislative Assembly resolved to create:

"a Standing Committee on Public Accounts to:

  1. examine:
  2. (A) the accounts of the receipts and expenditure of the Australian Capital Territory and its authorities; and

    (B) all reports of the Auditor-General which have been presented to the Assembly;

  3. report to the Assembly any items or matters in those accounts, statements and reports, or any circumstances connected with them, to which the Committee is of the opinion that the attention of the Assembly should be directed; and
  4. inquire into any question in connection with the public accounts which is referred to it by the Assembly and to report to the Assembly on that question."

On 26 October 2017 the Legislative Assembly resolved to amend:

"Insert after (e)(i)(A), the words:

(AA) matters relating to market and regulatory reform (excluding Access Canberra), public sector management, taxation an revenue."

2016 Strategic Review of the ACT Auditor-General

The Auditor-General Act 1996 was amended in 2013 to provide for a strategic review as opposed to a performance audit. Prior to these legislative changes—the review process encompassed a performance audit only. A performance audit primarily assesses whether the Audit Office conducts its functions effectively and efficiently and in compliance with the relevant legislation. A review or a strategic review may also review the Auditor-General’s legislative functions and other aspects as directed by the relevant Public Accounts Committee. The Report on the 2016 Strategic Review of the ACT Auditor-General, conducted by Mr Des Pearson AO, and tabled in the ACT legislative Assembly on 8 June 2016, can be accessed from the ACT Audit Office’s website.

2010 Independent performance audit of the operations of the ACT Auditor-General and the ACT Audit Office

Part five of the Auditor-General Act 1996 (the Act) provides for audits of the ACT Auditor-General’s Office operations. This includes the audit of financial statements as well as performance audits.

The report of the independent auditor—Independent Performance Audit of the Operations of the ACT Auditor-General and the ACT Audit Office (3 May 2010), conducted by Bob Sendt & Associates, as provided to the Public Accounts Committee was authorised for publication on 11 May 2010.

The Report is available here.

Mrs Vicki Dunne MLA (Chair)

Mr Michael Pettersson MLA (Deputy Chair)

Ms Bec Cody MLA

Mr Alistair Coe MLA

Committee Secretary: Dr Brian Lloyd

Phone: (02) 620 50137



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