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Inquiry into Housing (Discontinued)

This Inquiry is Discontinued – please do not make a submission to this inquiry

To make a submission by email, send an email with attachment/s to:; or

Submissions are to be prepared in accordance with the submission guidelines. View submissions guidelines. (PDF 477kb)

Send hard-copy submissions to:

Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal
GPO Box 1020

For any further questions phone the Secretary on (02) 6205 1253.

Guidance Document

The scope of the Housing inquiry is extensive and in recognition of this, the Committee has developed a Guidance Document which provides some links to resources that members of the community can use in order to assist them in understanding the inquiry’s terms of reference and to inform themselves of current practices, processes and legislative requirements in the Housing space.

The Committee resolves to inquire into housing in the ACT, in particular into the interaction of population growth, housing affordability, housing diversity and design, consumer behaviour, suburban and environmental impact of residential development in the present — Ninth — Assembly, including into:

1.  Existing housing diversity;

2.  Actual, perceived and projected demand for different housing types;

3.  The effects and implications of suburban infill, housing in centres, land release and greenfield developments, including in relation to:

a. housing affordability;

b. diversity of housing stock;

c.  the environment;

d. suburban amenity and aesthetic;

e. cumulative impact;

f.  infrastructure and service delivery costs;

4.  The effectiveness of existing regulation and zoning in encouraging, and any barriers to achieving:

a. sustainable, high quality housing design sympathetic with the environment, site and broader amenity;

b. development that accords with community expectation and needs;

c.  housing affordability;

d. diversity of housing stock;

5.  Best practice in managing this interaction in other jurisdictions; and

6.  Any other relevant matter.

The Committee will report to the Assembly by last sitting day of 2018.

Submission 1 - Mary C van de Graaff PDF (415.8 KB)
Submission 2 - Winston Rodrigues PDF (860.2 KB)
Submission 3 - Kevin Cox PDF (221.3 KB)
Submission 4 - Urban Synergies PDF (79.2 KB)
Submission 4 - Urban Synergies - Attachment A PDF (16.7 MB)
Submission 4 - Urban Synergies - Attachment B PDF (16.0 MB)
Submission 4 - Urban Synergies - Attachment C PDF (7.3 MB)
Guidance Document PDF (198.5 KB) Word (105.5 KB)
Media Release - 28 November 2017 PDF (106.7 KB) Word (185.4 KB)
Media release - 30 March 2017 PDF (105.6 KB) Word (198.0 KB)


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