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Inquiry into Engagement with Development Application Processes in the ACT

Invitation for submissions

The Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal invites submissions to its inquiry into Engagement with Development Application Processes in the ACT.

Written submissions should be lodged with the Committee Secretary by close of business on Friday, 3 August 2018 (Please note: Date extended from Friday, 1 June 2018)..

The Committee prefers all submissions to be lodged in electronic form (Word format), although handwritten submissions are acceptable. All submissions, including those sent electronically, must include a name, an email address, a postal address and a telephone contact number. Personal contact details will not be published.

Submissions should be forwarded to:

The Committee Secretary, Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal, Legislative Assembly for the ACT, GPO Box 1020, CANBERRA ACT 2601.


NOTE: The Committee wishes to note that whilst it will be inquiring into ACT Development Application processes it is beyond the remit of the Committee to inquire into, resolve or review individual Development Application matters. Consequently submitters are urged to be aware that the Committee will be unable to intervene in, offer any advice on, or otherwise be involved in individual Development Application processes.

Further information on lodging a submission is available at:

Any further enquiries can also be directed to the Committee Secretary, on 620 51253 or email at:

The Committee has resolved to inquire into and report on engagement with Development Application processes in the ACT, including:

1) Community engagement and participation in the Development Application process including:

  • a) the accessibility and clarity of information on Development Applications and Development Application processes, including Development Application signage; the Development Application finder app; and online resources;
  • b) pre- Development Application consultation and statutory notification processes; and
  • c) the availability and accessibility of current and historical Development Applications and decisions in relation to Development Applications, including reasons for Development Application approvals, conditions or rejections.

2) The accessibility and effectiveness of Development Application processes, including:

  • a) the information provided in relation to the requirements for Development Applications;
  • b) the current development assessment track system;
  • c) the Development Application e-lodgement and tracking system, e-Development;
  • d) processing times for Development Applications;
  • e) retrospective Development Applications;
  • f) reconsideration and appeal processes; and
  • g) Heritage, Tree Protection and Environmental assessments.

3) Development Application compliance assessment and enforcement measures.

4) Development Application practices and principles used in other Australian jurisdictions.

5) Any other relevant matter.

The Committee will report by the last sitting day in November 2018.

Submission 001 - Dickson PDF (243.5 KB)
Submission 002 - Goddard PDF (357.6 KB)
Submission 003 - Marshall & Pearson PDF (637.7 KB)
Submission 004 - Johnstone PDF (299.1 KB)
Submission 005 - Davidson PDF (1.5 MB)
Submission 006 - Nash PDF (229.3 KB)
Media Release - Inquiry into Engagement with Development Application Processes in the ACT - Submission closing date extended (29 May 2018) PDF (345.7 KB) Word (205.0 KB)


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