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Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence—Policy approaches and responses

The Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety (the Committee) invites written submissions, from interested organisations and individuals, to its inquiry into domestic and family violence—policy approaches and responses.

The Inquiry’s terms of reference (T of R) are available at:

The call for submissions has now closed. Submitters are advised that it is completely within the discretion of the Committee to decide whether or not a person or organisation lodging a submission should be invited to appear as a witness.  The Committee expects to commence holding public hearings in November 2017.

For further information please refer to the Committee inquiry homepage or contact the Committee Secretary, Andrew Snedden on (02) 6205 0199.

To inquire into and report, on:

  1. the adequacy and effectiveness of current policy approaches[1] and responses in preventing and responding to domestic and family violence in the ACT;
  2. the implementation of the ACT Government’s 2016–17 funding commitments to prevent and respond to domestic and family violence in the ACT[2], in particular how outcomes are being measured;
  3. the issues and policy challenges (if any) for the ACT arising from the National funding and agenda/policy setting regime/framework—including how outcomes are measured and reported;
  4. best practice policy approaches and responses being undertaken in other jurisdictions to prevent and/or respond to domestic and family violence; and
  5. any other related matters.

The Committee notes that it has a broad public interest mandate and is not in a position to determine the rights and wrongs of individual cases. The Committee process is not a forum to resolve issues pertaining solely to individual cases or grievances but is a forum to explore the general matters of principle, policy or public administration relevant to the terms of reference.  The Committee will be confining its inquiry to the terms of reference.

The Committee will be calling for submissions to its inquiry shortly and is intending to commence holding public hearings in September/October 2017. The Committee is expecting to report to the Assembly as soon as practicable.

8 May 2017

[1] Policy approaches can include: primary prevention and community attitude campaigns; integrated intervention programs; mass-screening programs; programs for violence perpetrators; programs for victims who have been subject to domestic violence; legislative approaches; and criminal justice approaches.

[2] The 2016–17 Budget, delivered on 6 June 2016, included a $21.4 million domestic violence package—referred to as Safer Families. This initiative targets a number of areas, with an overall objective to ‘drive the next phase of reform in whole of government, community-backed responses to family violence’. It introduces new aspects to service integration and coordination in the ACT in a formal response to three commissioned reports on family violence in the Territory.

Terms of reference PDF (154.1 KB) Word (89.0 KB)
Sub No. 01 - Family Court of Australia PDF (17.6 MB)
Sub No. 01a - Family Court of Australia PDF (720.2 KB)
Sub No. 02 - Confidential PDF (140.6 KB)
Sub No. 03 - AIDS Action Council of the ACT PDF (687.2 KB)
Sub No. 04 - ACT Women’s Health Service PDF (240.5 KB)
Sub No. 05 - Toora Women Inc. PDF (1.5 MB)
Sub No. 06 - Canberra Community Law PDF (1.7 MB)
Sub No. 07 - Dr Joan Garvan PDF (1.0 MB)
Sub No. 08 - Advocacy for Inclusion PDF (1.4 MB)
Sub No. 09 - Care Inc. PDF (1.3 MB)
Sub No. 10 - Dr Robyn Holder PDF (792.7 KB)
Sub No. 11 - Domestic Violence Crisis Service PDF (886.4 KB)
Sub No. 12 - UnionsACT PDF (791.6 KB)
Sub No. 13 - ACT Director of Public Prosecutions PDF (1.1 MB)
Sub No. 14 - ACT Bar Association PDF (480.1 KB)
Sub No. 15 - Beryl Women Inc. PDF (1.2 MB)
Sub No. 16 - Domestic Violence Prevention Council PDF (1.0 MB)
Sub No. 16a - Domestic Violence Prevention Council PDF (169.7 KB)
Sub No. 17 - ACT Women's Services Network PDF (1.2 MB)
Sub No. 18 - Menslink PDF (489.2 KB)
Sub No. 19 - Women with Disabilities ACT Inc. PDF (1.0 MB)
Sub No. 20 - Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education PDF (9.4 MB)
Sub No. 21 - ACT Council of Social Service Inc. PDF (1.3 MB)
Sub No. 22 - ACT Government PDF (5.7 MB)
Sub No. 23 - Our Watch PDF (11.3 MB)
Sub No. 24 - Women's Electoral Lobby PDF (701.5 KB)
Sub No. 25 - Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing PDF (598.9 KB)
Sub No. 26 - Women's Centre for Health Matters PDF (2.0 MB)
Sub No. 27 - ACT Human Rights Commission PDF (2.4 MB)
Sub No. 28 - Women's Legal Centre (ACT & Region) PDF (1.9 MB)
Sub No. 29 - Legal Aid ACT PDF (4.2 MB)
Sub No. 30 - White Ribbon Australia PDF (2.9 MB)
Sub No. 31 - National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum PDF (1.2 MB)
Sub No. 32 - ACT Policing PDF (8.4 MB)
Sub No. 33 - Children of Disability Australia PDF (579.4 KB)
Sub No. 33a - Children of Disability Australia PDF (218.7 KB)
Sub No. 34 - Mr C Donohue PDF (378.6 KB)

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Public Hearings (Completed):

  • 23 November 2017
  • 8 February 2018
  • 8 March 2018
  • 15 March 2018
  • 27 March 2018
  • 3 April 2018
  • 3 May 2018
  • 15 May 2018
Responses to QToN—Public hearing of 23 November 2017 PDF (3.8 MB)
Responses to QToN—Public hearing of 8 February 2018 PDF (165.4 KB)
Responses to QToN—Public hearing of 8 March 2018 PDF (185.7 KB)

The Committee received comment from the Restorative Justice Unit (RJU) regarding pages 28–30 of its discussion paper.  The response to the discussion paper as received from the RJU is attached.

Discussion Paper - Domestic and Family Violence: Policy approaches and responses PDF (432.3 KB) Word (1.9 MB)
Discussion Paper - Comment from Restorative Justice Unit PDF (159.9 KB)
Media Release - Call for written submissions - Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence PDF (207.4 KB) Word (93.0 KB)


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