ACT Legislative Assembly

Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety

Members: Mrs Giulia Jones MLA (Chair), Ms Bec Cody MLA (Deputy Chair), Mr Deepak-Raj Gupta MLA

Committee Secretary: Andrew Snedden

Phone: (02) 620 50199


1. Inquiry into Annual and Financial Reports 2015-2016 16 February 2017 (Referred)8 June 2017 (Completed)
2. Inquiry into Annual and Financial Reports 2016-201726 October 2017 (Referred)22 March 2018 (Completed)
3. Report on Inquiry into the Crimes (Consent) Amendment Bill 20188 May 2018 (Referred)31 October 2018 (Completed)
4. Inquiry into Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2018—Exposure Drafts to the Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2018 and to the Guide to the Bill20 September 2018 (Referred)14 December 2018 (Completed)
5. Inquiry into Annual and Financial Reports 2017-201825 October 2018 (Referred)21 March 2019 (Completed)
6. Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence—Policy approaches and responses 30 March 2017 (Self-referred)22 August 2019 (Completed)
7. Inquiry into Human Rights (Workers Rights) Amendment Bill 201927 November 2019 (Referred)13 March 2020 (Completed)
8. Inquiry into Annual and Financial Report 2018-201924 October 2019 (Referred)27 March 2020 (Completed)
Inquiry in the form of an evaluation of current ACT Policing arrangements19 November 2019 (Self-referred)On-going

At its meeting of 13 December 2016 the Legislative Assembly resolved to create:

A Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety to perform a legislative scrutiny role and examine matters related to community and individual rights, consumer rights, courts, police and emergency services, corrections including a prison, administrative law, civil liberties and human rights, censorship, company law, law and order, criminal law, consumer affairs and regulatory services.


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