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Inquiry into a Proposal for a Mammal Emblem for the ACT

Invitation to make a submission

The Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services invites interested individuals and organisations to make a submission to its inquiry into the necessity for the ACT to have a mammal emblem.

The background and reasons for this inquiry are set out in a statement from the Committee Chair, Suzanne Orr MLA made, on 30 November 2017 and which is available at:

The Committee has lodged terms of reference of its inquiry on its website:

The Committee invites a submission from your organisation to its inquiry, particularly in light of your likely interest in this proposal.

Written submissions should be lodged with the Committee Secretary by close of business on Friday, 23 March 2018.

The Committee prefers all submissions to be typed and lodged in electronic form (preferably Word format), although handwritten submissions are acceptable. All submissions, including those sent electronically, must include a name, an email address, a postal address and a telephone contact number. Personal contact details will not be published.

Submissions should be forwarded to:

The Committee Secretary, Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services, Legislative Assembly for the ACT, GPO Box 1020, CANBERRA ACT 2601.


The Committee intends to hold public hearings in 2018 to assist its inquiry. Please be aware the final witness selection rests with the Committee.

Further information on lodging a submission is available at:

Any further enquiries can also be directed to the Committee Secretary, on 62050129 or email at:

Suzanne Orr MLA

14 December 2017

At its meeting on 30 November 2017, the Legislative Assembly approved the following referral: That this Assembly:

1. notes:

  1. that the current emblems for the ACT are the floral emblem, the Wahlenbergia gloriosa (Royal Bluebell) adopted in 1982 and the faunal emblem, Callocephalon fimbriatum (Gang-gang Cockatoo) adopted in 1997;
  2. that all other Australian States and Territories have a mammal emblem, distinct from their bird emblem;
  3. that Tasmania was the last State or Territory to adopt a mammal emblem, with the Tasmanian Devil formally proclaimed in May 2015;
  4. that other emblems adopted by other States and Territories are the Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat (South Australia), Numbat (Western Australia), Red Kangaroo (Northern Territory), Koala (Queensland), Platypus (New South Wales) and the Leadbeater’s Possum (Victoria); and
  5. that there has been an increase in local interest of the fact that the ACT does not have a mammal emblem;

2. further notes that the ACT Government does not place legislative requirements around the use of the existing faunal and floral emblems, meaning they can be used by anyone on publications, uniforms or websites; and

3. Resolves that the Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services shall report back to the Assembly on whether the ACT should have a mammal emblem and a recommendation on what that should be by September 2018.

Terms of Reference PDF (134.8 KB) Word (78.5 KB)
Submission 01 - Radosavljevic, Dunja PDF (225.1 KB)
Submission 02 - Burton, Kerry PDF (214.1 KB)
Submission 03 - Wright, Rebecca PDF (205.3 KB)
Submission 04 - Wansink, Chris PDF (204.2 KB)
Submission 05 - McKinnie, Drew PDF (205.9 KB)
Submission 06 - Marc PDF (230.2 KB)
Submission 07 - van Vliet, Peter PDF (198.1 KB)
Submission 08 - Forde, Jessica PDF (206.6 KB)
Submission 09 - Craigie, Liam PDF (222.6 KB)
Submission 10 - Dodd, Jude PDF (199.5 KB)
Submission 11 - MacDougall, Susan PDF (205.4 KB)
Submission 12 - Steet, Malcolm PDF (228.8 KB)
Submission 13 - Gunn, Anthea PDF (212.2 KB)
Submission 14 - Pennay, Michael PDF (285.5 KB)
Submission 15 - Bond, Damien PDF (309.4 KB)
Submission 16 - Squires, Steven PDF (1.4 MB)
Submission 17 - Woodlands & Wetlands Trust PDF (1.8 MB)
Submission 18 - Fewtrell, Terry PDF (970.8 KB)
Submission 19 - Scouts Australia PDF (2.9 MB)
Submission 20 - Franklin Early Childhood School PDF (207.9 KB)
Submission 21 - School of History, ANU PDF (315.9 KB)
Submission 22 - Flanagan, Jayne PDF (350.9 KB)
Submission 23 - triple j PDF (222.7 KB)
Submission 24 - Wandrag, Elizabeth PDF (175.7 KB)
Submission 25 - McCarthy, Ingrid PDF (227.0 KB)
Submission 26 - Aranda Primary PDF (911.1 KB)
Submission 27 - Ostyn, Ivo PDF (970.1 KB)
246A Statement PDF (187.8 KB) Word (30.5 KB)
Media Release - Assembly Committee looks forward to hearing community views on a Mammal Emblem for the ACT - 16 Feb 2018 PDF (127.8 KB)
Media Release - Canberrans have 4 days left to have their say on a Mammal Emblem for the ACT - 20 March 2018 PDF (453.7 KB) Word (85.0 KB)
Media Release Mammal Emblem Referral 30 Nov 2017 PDF (125.5 KB) Word (73.6 KB)
School Information Package PDF (299.1 KB) Word (657.9 KB)


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