ACT Legislative Assembly

Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services

1. Inquiry into Annual and Financial Reports 2015-2016 16 February 2017 (Referred)11 May 2016 (Completed)
2. Inquiry into the planning, management and delivery of road maintenance in the ACT 15 March 2017 (Self-referred)26 October 2017 (Completed)

3. Draft Lower Cotter Catchment Reserve Management Plan 2017

12 September 2017 (Self-referred)30 November 2017

4. Management of ACT Cemeteries

26 July 2017 (Self-referred)30 November 2017 (Completed)
5. Inquiry into Annual and Financial Report 2016-201726 October 2017 (Referred)12 April 2018 (Completed)
6. Inquiry into a Proposal for a mammal emblem for the ACT30 November 2017 (Referred)31 July 2017 (Completed)
Nature In Our City6 December 2017 (Self-referred)On-going
Inquiry into ACT Libraries28 February 2018 (Self-referred)On-going

Ms Suzanne Orr MLA, Chair

Miss Candice Burch MLA, Deputy Chair

Mr James Milligan MLA

At its meeting of 13 December 2016 the Legislative Assembly resolved to create:

A Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services to examine matters related to city and transport services, public infrastructure, heritage, and sport and recreation and matters related to all aspects of climate change policy and programs, water and energy policy and programs, provision of water and energy services, conservation, environment and ecological sustainability.

Committee Secretary: Ms Brianna McGill

Phone: (02) 620 50124



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