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Inquiry into building quality in the ACT

The Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism invites submissions to its inquiry into Building Quality in the ACT.

Written submissions should be lodged with the Committee Secretary by close of business on Friday, 30 November 2018 (Please note: Date extended from Sunday, 30 September 2018).

The Committee prefers all submissions to be lodged in electronic form (Word format), although handwritten submissions are acceptable. All submissions, including those sent electronically, must include a name, an email address, a postal address and a telephone contact number. Personal contact details will not be published.

Submissions should be forwarded to:

The Committee Secretary, Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism, Legislative Assembly for the ACT, GPO Box 1020, CANBERRA ACT 2601.


The Committee has released a discussion paper to provide those interested in making a submission with some background on the current regulatory regime and some of the key issues that they may wish to consider. The discussion paper is available below.

For the purposes of clarity the Committee wishes to inform submitters that it is not inquiring into compliance with approved development applications.

Further information on lodging a submission is available at:

Any further enquiries can also be directed to the Committee Secretary, on 620 50129 or email at:

The Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism resolves to inquire into and report on the quality of new buildings in the ACT and any potential or actual causes of poor building quality in the ACT with particular consideration given to:

1. The certification regime for the building and construction industry including;

  1. Review by certifiers of the initial building plans;
  2. Compliance by builders with the building’s approved construction plans;
  3. The adequacy of regulatory mechanisms to ensure compliance with approved construction plans;
  4. The role of inspections and audits in the regulatory process; and
  5. The appropriateness of current practices for appointing certifiers, including addressing the potential for conflicts of interest.

2. The merits of standard contracts or statutory requirements in contracts covering build quality.

3. Industry skills accreditation and ongoing professional development including;

  1. The breadth of the occupational licensing regime in the ACT; and
  2. The suitability of ongoing skills education and practices within the industry.

4. Processes and practices for the identification and rectification of defects including;

  1. Current mechanisms available for defect identification and redress;
  2. The effectiveness of those mechanisms to ensure rectification in instances where standards have not been met;
  3. The adequacy and accessibility of those mechanisms especially for individuals or body corporates; and
  4. The effectiveness of efforts to address “phoenixing” – the transfer of assets from an indebted building company to a new one to avoid paying its liabilities.

5. The cost effectiveness of current building compliance and defect rectification practices for industry, government, individuals or body corporates and the potential for the introduction of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

6. The role of Access Canberra.

7. The regulatory setting or practices in other jurisdictions that could inform consideration of any of the above.

8. Personal experiences that could inform consideration of any of the above.

9. Any other relevant matter.

For the purposes of clarity the Committee wishes to inform submitters that it is not inquiring into compliance with approved development applications.

Discussion paper PDF (1.0 MB)
001 Hugh Dakin PDF (221.3 KB)
002 Andrew Martin PDF (174.9 KB)
003 Brad Kane PDF (206.9 KB)
004 June Keogh PDF (189.2 KB)
005 Cheng Fei PDF (187.6 KB)
006 Anonymous PDF (260.5 KB)
007 Stephen & Amanda Peeks PDF (339.8 KB)
008 Anonymous PDF (220.4 KB)
009 Irene Pellegrino PDF (214.9 KB)
010 Executive Committee Units Plan 3089 PDF (188.6 KB)
011 Glenda Toffolon PDF (199.0 KB)
012 Steven and Melinda Kouparitsas PDF (322.3 KB)
013 Shannon Cuthbertson PDF (342.1 KB)
014 Suzanne Maginnity PDF (828.0 KB)
015 Taneill Jager PDF (189.6 KB)
016 Pascal Deschanel PDF (2.7 MB)
017 Lauren Upton PDF (286.3 KB)
018 Raymond David PDF (301.4 KB)
019 David Berston PDF (238.0 KB)
020 Kerin Benson Lawyers PDF (543.5 KB)
021 Kylie Fitzsimmons PDF (246.1 KB)
022 Daniel Christiadi PDF (242.9 KB)
023 Owners Corporation Network PDF (429.6 KB)
024 Natalie Bice and Brendan Pratt PDF (252.7 KB)
025 Samintha Pathiranage and Kumara Weligama PDF (257.4 KB)
026 Scott and Aimee Hunter PDF (268.0 KB)
027 Todd Garratt PDF (248.5 KB)
028 John and Karen Sokolovic PDF (264.1 KB)
029 Artur Baumhammer PDF (260.6 KB)
030 Guo & Wu Family Pty Ltd PDF (285.6 KB)
031 ACT Manhattan PDF (260.3 KB)
032 Yang PDF (287.3 KB)
033 Corcoran PDF (211.0 KB)
034 Ghildyal PDF (284.5 KB)
035 Davis and Rudkin PDF (257.5 KB)
036 Matkovic PDF (254.4 KB)
037 Canberra Business Chamber PDF (735.2 KB)
038 Anonymous PDF (919.0 KB)
039 E Martin PDF (328.1 KB)
040 Chen PDF (226.0 KB)
041 Australia Institute of building PDF (619.7 KB)
041a Australia Institute of building attachment PDF (1.2 MB)
042 Anonymous PDF (218.3 KB)
043 Grant PDF (916.6 KB)
044 Vista executive committee PDF (268.7 KB)
045 Pinkas PDF (409.3 KB)
046 Sherwin PDF (405.8 KB)
047 Australian Institute of Building Surveyors PDF (8.6 MB)
048 Combined Community Councils PDF (824.0 KB)
049 CFMEU PDF (803.1 KB)
050 Engineers Australia PDF (2.5 MB)
051 Taylor PDF (330.2 KB)
052 Olley PDF (325.0 KB)
053 Inner South Canberra Community Council PDF (383.1 KB)
054 Anonymous PDF (1.1 MB)
055 Kingston and Barton Resident's Group PDF (1.4 MB)
056 McKay PDF (232.5 KB)
057 Hopner PDF (1.8 MB)
058 Jayasekara PDF (2.6 MB)
059 Olley PDF (18.6 MB)
060 Robinson PDF (256.2 KB)
061 Anonymous PDF (347.9 KB)
062 Smithurst. PDF (286.6 KB)
063 Kiely PDF (299.6 KB)
Media Release - Committee announces inquiry into building quality in the ACT (12 April 2018) PDF (108.8 KB) Word (212.5 KB)
Media Release - Further submissions on building quality in the ACT welcome (28 September 2018) PDF (102.2 KB) Word (208.0 KB)


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