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Inquiry into drone delivery systems in the ACT

Call for submissions

The Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism is calling for submissions to its inquiry into drone delivery systems in the ACT.

“The Committee would like to hear from all parties involved in, or affected by the trial, including residents, companies and regulators.”

On 2 November the Legislative Assembly referred the inquiry to the Committee. The full terms of reference for the inquiry are available on the Assembly’s website.

Written submissions should be lodged by close of business on Friday, 22 February 2019.

Once the Committee has received submissions it will hold public hearings.

Submissions should include your full name, postal address and telephone number. Electronic lodgement is preferred. Additional information on the submissions process can be found on the Assembly’s website

For further information or to lodge a submission please contact the Committee Secretary on (02) 6205 0129 or by email at:

Terms of reference

At its meeting on Thursday, 1 November 2018, the Assembly passed the following resolution:


(1) the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism inquire into and report on drone delivery systems in the ACT, with particular reference to:

  • (a) the decision to base the trials of the technology in the ACT and surrounding region;
  • (b) the economic impact of drone delivery technology being tested in the ACT including the:
    • (i) investment that has been brought in to the Territory;
    • (ii) number of jobs that have been created as part of the trial; and
    • (iii) extent of collaboration with local industry and academic institutions;
  • (c) the extent of regulatory oversight of drone technology at various levels of government including but not limited to:
    • (i) local authorities such as the Environment Protection Authority, Worksafe and Access Canberra; and
    • (ii) Commonwealth agencies such as Air Services Australia and Civil Aviation Safety Authority;
  • (d) the extent of any environmental impact as a result of trialling drone delivery technology on:
    • (i) residents within the trial area;
    • (ii) native wildlife;
    • (iii) domestic animals; and
    • (iv) greenhouse gas emissions;
  • (e) ways to improve the use of drone delivery technology within the ACT;
  • (f) any other relevant matter; and
  • (g) information privacy; and

(2) the Committee report to the Assembly on the matter no later than the last sitting week in 2019.".

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04 Irene Clarke PDF (282.4 KB)
05 Neil PDF (326.4 KB)
06 Hynd PDF (270.6 KB)
07 Airservices PDF (1.4 MB)
08 Dickson PDF (248.5 KB)
09 Wilson PDF (385.2 KB)
10 Butler PDF (252.8 KB)
11 Rowland PDF (297.9 KB)
12 AlphaBeta PDF (3.1 MB)
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15 Withdrawn PDF (198.3 KB)
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20 Stelzig PDF (269.3 KB)
21 Strudwick PDF (216.4 KB)
22 Peddle PDF (226.8 KB)
23 Chamberlain PDF (219.0 KB)
24 Anonymous PDF (375.7 KB)
25 Boettcher PDF (210.8 KB)
26 Ralston PDF (362.5 KB)
27 Anonymous PDF (463.2 KB)
28 Anonymous PDF (416.1 KB)
29 Anonymous PDF (461.0 KB)
30 Anonymous PDF (234.7 KB)
31 Dee PDF (201.4 KB)
32 Taylor PDF (211.6 KB)
33 Marks PDF (395.9 KB)
34 Anonymous PDF (219.4 KB)
35 Barisic-Bentley PDF (221.4 KB)
36 Turner PDF (350.4 KB)
37 Collings and Dean PDF (1.3 MB)
38 Canberra Business Chamber PDF (888.9 KB)
39 Anne Gardner PDF (278.3 KB)
Media release - Call for submissions on Drone Delivery Systems in the ACT (23 November 2018) PDF (141.4 KB) Word (183.9 KB)


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