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Review of Standing Orders

The closing date for submissions is 12 June 2018 (extended from 11 May 2018) (electronic lodgement is preferred). Submissions can be sent to If you would like to make a submission but will have trouble meeting this deadline, please contact the committee secretary.

At the meeting of the Legislative Assembly held on 22 February 2018, the Speaker, as Presiding Member of the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure, advised Members of the Assembly of the Committee’s intention to conduct a review of the current Standing Orders.

Standing Order 16 requires the Committee in each term to inquire into and report on the operation of the standing orders and continuing resolutions of the Assembly with a view to ensuring that the practices and procedures of the Assembly remain relevant and reflect practices.

001-Mrs Giulia Jones MLA PDF (358.0 KB)
002-Mr Greg Cornwell AM PDF (183.9 KB)
003-Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety Legislative Scrutiny role PDF (260.6 KB)
004-ACT Ombudsman PDF (315.2 KB)
005-ACT Auditor-General PDF (240.0 KB)
006-ACT Parliamentary Counsel PDF (223.7 KB)
007-ACT Human Rights Commission PDF (316.8 KB)
008-OLA PDF (527.4 KB)
009-ACT Government PDF (683.7 KB)
010-Labor Caucus PDF (678.7 KB)
011-ACT Greens Members PDF (349.4 KB)

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