ACT Legislative Assembly

Family Friendly Workplace

At its meeting on 19 November 2015 the Assembly passed the following resolution: 

“That this Assembly:

(1)  notes:

       (a)  the ACT Government’s commitment to breastfeeding friendly work and community places through both legislation
              and policy initiatives; and

       (b)  provisions in the standing orders and Companion document which provide for a Member to breastfeed their baby in the
              Legislative Assembly; and

(2)  refers to the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure the following matters for consideration and report back
       to the Assembly by the last sitting day in May 2016:

       (a)  options and flexibility for breastfeeding women;

       (b)  emergency care for family members;

       (c)  accepted practice in regard to pairing arrangements; and

       (d)  consideration of proxy voting.”


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2015 Legislative Assembly for the ACT