ACT Legislative Assembly

Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure

Members: Madam Speaker (Chair), Mr Brendan Smyth MLA (Member), Ms Joy Burch MLA (Member), Mr Shane Rattenbury MLA (Member)
Secretary: Tom Duncan
Contact Phone: (02) 6205 0173
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: (02) 6205 3109

In 1995 the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory amended standing order 16, which established the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure

Resolution of appointment

(a)  A Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure is established at the commencement of each Assembly to:

(i)  inquire into and report on, as appropriate:

(A)  the Assembly's annual estimates of expenditure;

(B)  the practices and procedure of the Assembly;

(C)  the standing orders of the Assembly;

(ii)  advise the Speaker on:

(A)  Members' entitlements including facilities and services:

(B)  the operation of the transcription service (Hansard);

(C)  the availability to the public of Assembly documents;

(D)  the operation of the Assembly library;

(iii) arrange the order of private Members' business, Assembly business and Executive Members' business;

(b)  the Committee shall consist of:

(i)  the Speaker;

(ii)  the Government whip;

(iii) the Opposition whip; and

(iv) a representative of the crossbench (or if a single party, the whip of that party);

(c)  the Speaker shall be the Chair of the Committee; and

(d)  the Committee shall have the power to consider and make use of the evidence and records of the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure appointed during the previous Assemblies. (Amended 9 March 1995 and 4 May 1995; further amended 28 May 1998, 6 March 2008, 8 December 2011 and 27 November 2012.)


Report 1

Inquiry into standing orders relating to the consideration of committee reports
icon_pdf_smallPdf (284kb) WordWord (428kb)

20 March 2014 

Report 2 

Application for Citizen's Right of Reply: Mr Jorian Gardner
icon_pdf_smallPdf (1378kb) WordWord (40kb)

3 June 2014 

Report 3 

Lobbyist Regulation
icon_pdf_smallPdf (5692kb) WordWord (95kb)

3 June 2014 

Report 4

Inquiry into standing order 241—Disclosure of proceedings, evidence and documents of committees
icon_pdf_smallPdf (181kb) WordWord (56kb)

25 September 2014

Report 5 

Inquiry into Ministerial Statements
icon_pdf_smallPdf (156kb) WordWord (49kb)

4 June 2015
Report 6

The Conduct of Ms Burch MLA
Acrobat PDF filePdf (2691kb) WordWord (3661kb)

19 June 2015 

Report 7Inquiry into the Review of the Implementation of the Latimer House Principles in the Australian Capital Territory for the 8th Assembly
Acrobat PDF file Pdf (201kb) Word Word (252kb)
27 October 2015
Report 8Family Friendly Workplace
Acrobat PDF file Pdf (170kb) Word Word (255kb)
7 April 2016
Report 9

The Conduct of Mr Barr MLA
Acrobat PDF filePdf (2025kb) WordWord (5925kb)

2 August 2016
Report 10Inquiry into provisions of the Legislative Assembly (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Act 2012
Acrobat PDF file PDF (231kb) Word Word (267kb)
4 August 2016
Report 11

The Conduct of Mr Hanson MLA

Acrobat PDF file PDF (4972kb) Word Word (12324kb)

August 2016
Report 12The Conduct of Dr Bourke MLA
Acrobat PDF file PDF (6.8kb) Word Word (2.1kb)
September 2016



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