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PAC recommends Integrity Commission look further at LDA actions

The Standing Committee on Public Accounts today tabled its report on Auditor-General’s Report No 7 of 2016: Certain Land Development Agency acquisitions and has recommended that all matters be furthered considered by the ACT Integrity Commission once it commences receiving submissions.

The Committee found that in making these acquisitions the LDA did not follow due process in that it:

  • was not in possession of a current valuation when it purchased the land adjacent to Glebe Park;
  • it sought to influence valuations in other cases;
  • while it was subject to the Planning and Development (Land Acquisition Policy Framework) Direction 2014 (No 1), it not comply with it;
  • it adopted an inconsistent approach across the acquisitions; and
  • made these acquisitions without a clear, defensible basis for the amounts paid.

The Committee sought to establish whether there was any connection between the acquisition of the land at Glebe Park and plans by Aquis Entertainment to re-develop Casino Canberra. While some witnesses said that the sole purpose of this acquisition was to allow a stormwater pond to be relocated, Aquis‘ written evidence shows that the ACT government was well aware of, and indeed encouraged, Aquis’ plans to develop the land adjacent to Glebe Park.

The Committee decided to recommend the ACT Integrity Commission consider these matters because of the significant questions of probity and the conflicting evidence presented.

Contact: Committee Secretary, Dr Brian Lloyd, 02 6205 0137,

28 November 2019


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