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Release of Report into the Extent, Nature and Consequence of Insecure Work in the ACT

Today the Chair of the Standing Committee on Education, Employment and Youth Affairs, Mr Michael Pettersson, tabled the Committee’s report on its inquiry into the Extent, Nature and Consequence of Insecure Work in The ACT.

Mr Pettersson said ‘unfortunately, in deliberations, the Committee was unable to reach agreement on recommendations arising from this inquiry. The Committee has agreed on a brief report providing an overview of the inquiry process.’

Mr Pettersson noted that, in order to detail particular areas of interest and concern, additional comments were provided by the Committee’s government members Mr Pettersson MLA and Mr Steel MLA and a dissenting report was provided by the opposition members Mr Wall MLA and Mrs Kikkert MLA.

Both the dissenting report and the additional comments are annexed to the Committee’s report and provide recommendations for the ACT Government’s consideration.

STATEMENT ENDS—Tuesday 8 May 2018

For further information please contact:

The Chair, Mr Michael Pettersson MLA on (02) 6205 1436


The Committee Secretary, Mrs Nicola Kosseck, on (02) 6205 0435 or by email at


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