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Canberrans have 4 days left to have their say on

a Mammal Emblem for the ACT

Suzanne Orr, MLA, Chair of the Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services, is encouraging Canberrans to have their say as part of the Mammal Emblem for the ACT Inquiry before submissions close this week.

“The Committee wants to hear from as many Canberrans as possible on which mammal they believe should be the ACT’s emblem. So far we have only heard from a small number of Canberrans and we know that a lot of people have an opinion but haven’t made a submission,” Ms Orr said.

“It is important that the Committee’s recommendation reflects the community’s views and highlights the biodiversity and conservation significance of the mammal.

“Submissions for the inquiry close at 5pm this Friday 23 March 2018, and we are encouraging all Canberrans and local community groups to have their say by emailing the Committee,” Ms Orr said.

Statement ends—20 March 2018

For comment – Committee Chair, Suzanne Orr MLA – 62051439

For information on the inquiry, and making submissions – Committee Secretary, Andrew Snedden – 62050199

Committee website -


The terms of reference for the inquiry are –

At its meeting on 30 November 2017, the Legislative Assembly approved the following referral: That this Assembly:

1. Notes:

  1. that the current emblems for the ACT are the floral emblem, the Wahlenbergia gloriosa (Royal Bluebell) adopted in 1982 and the faunal emblem, Callocephalon fimbriatum (Gang-gang Cockatoo) adopted in 1997;
  2. that all other Australian States and Territories have a mammal emblem, distinct from their bird emblem;
  3. that Tasmania was the last State or Territory to adopt a mammal emblem, with the Tasmanian Devil formally proclaimed in May 2015;
  4. that other emblems adopted by other States and Territories are the Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat (South Australia), Numbat (Western Australia), Red Kangaroo (Northern Territory), Koala (Queensland), Platypus (New South Wales) and the Leadbeater’s Possum (Victoria); and
  5. that there has been an increase in local interest of the fact that the ACT does not have a mammal emblem;

2. Further notes that the ACT Government does not place legislative requirements around the use of the existing faunal and floral emblems, meaning they can be used by anyone on publications, uniforms or websites; and

3. Resolves that the Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services shall report back to the Assembly on whether the ACT should have a mammal emblem and a recommendation on what that should be by September 2018.


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