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Release of Discussion Paper - Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Select Committee on the 2016 ACT Election and Electoral Act has today released a Discussion Paper to assist individuals and organisations to prepare written submissions to its inquiry.  

The Committee was established by the Assembly on 15 December 2016 to consider the conduct of and issues arising from the October 2016 ACT Election.  

The Discussion Paper in particular, considers the specific questions that are raised by the Committee’s Terms of Reference, as well as setting out an analysis of the issues which have been highlighted by the ACT Electoral Commission in its Report on the 2016 ACT Election:

The Discussion Paper also provides an overview of arrangements that exist in Australia, including detail on current and recent examinations of electoral issues by the Commonwealth Parliament and by other Australian jurisdictions.  The paper also focuses on contributions by analysts of electoral laws, current regulation of political parties, electoral regulation and wider issues involving matters central to future electoral behaviour and regulation in the ACT.

The Committee Chair, Ms Bec Cody MLA (Labor, Murrumbidgee), said the Discussion Paper deals with a list of matters which range across issues and electoral matters raised by the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry and which the Assembly needs to consider at a regular interval, but ideally within a year of the last Assembly election.

The Committee is invites written submissions to the Inquiry.  Submissions should address some or all of the Terms of Reference.  The Inquiry’s Terms of Reference are accessible on the Committee’s website:

Submissions are requested by close of business Friday, 30 June 2017.

‘The Committee encourages interested individuals and key stakeholder groups and organisations to make a written submission to this important inquiry’, Ms Cody concluded.

Further information on the Inquiry is available at:

STATEMENT ENDS—Thursday 20 April 2017



Ms Bec Cody MLA

(for comment on the inquiry)

Committee Chair

(02) 620 51448

Mr Andrew Snedden

(for further information)

Committee Secretary

(02) 620 50199


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