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Signature Assembly building art removed ahead of refurbishment

17 December 2015

Preparations are well underway at the Assembly building for refurbishment works, with the small but locally significant art collection being taken down and stored for safe keeping.

One of the signature pieces, a glass work called Fused Glass (1998) by Claus Moje that was displayed in the building foyer, was commissioned following the last building refurbishment in 1994. The work, a striking formal grid pattern with flaming colours was designed to reflect both the discipline and passion of the political process, and the significance of the Legislative Assembly within the ACT.

Klaus Moje, a prominent artist, teacher, and mentor, chose Canberra as his home town after moving to Australia from Germany. In 2000, he was awarded the international Glass Art society’s lifetime achievement award has contributed to Canberra’s reputation as a centre for excellence in glass works.

The Assembly building will undergo extensive refurbishment works ahead of the 2016 ACT elections, which will see the Assembly expand to 25 members. Art displays including along the London Circuit corridor, which is visible from the street, will resume when the building works are complete.

Images: Fused Glass (1998) by Claus Moje, was commissioned for the Assembly building foyer in 1994 (left).Art handlers remove the artwork for safe keeping during building refurbishment in 2016 (right).

Artwork Fused Glass, Klaus Mojea glass work called Fused Glass (1998) by Claus Moje


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