2017 0620 Speaker announces decision of independent legal arbiter

Speaker announces decision of independent legal arbiter

Joy Burch MLA

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

19 June 2017

On 11 May 2017 the Assembly passed a resolution calling for the tabling of a document. The document in question was subject to a claim of executive privilege by the Chief Minister. The process to resolve such disputes outlined in Standing Order 213A was commenced.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory, Ms Joy Burch MLA, today announced that the independent legal arbiter she had appointed pursuant to Standing Order 213A, the Hon. Keith Mason AC QC, had evaluated the document referred to him for arbitration, namely the ACT Health Infrastructure Asset and Condition Report and Minor Works Priorities.

The Speaker said “In accordance with the relevant standing order, the independent legal arbiter has lodged with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly a report on his evaluation of the document. The Hon Keith Mason AC QC has denied the claim of executive privilege made by the Chief Minister.”

A copy of the arbiter’s report has been forwarded to all Members of the Assembly.

Speaker Burch said “On behalf of all Members, I thank the Hon Keith Mason AC QC for performing this important task”.